Get Schooled! 

Sunday School Ministry has something for everyone!  ​

Come get "Schooled" at Sunday school, which starts at 10am. Sunday school is designed for people of all ages. We have our Primaries class, for children ages 3-6 years old. Our Pre-Teens classes are for ages 6-10 years old, and Junior classes are ages 10-12 years old. We also have the Teens class which is geared toward teenagers 13-17 years old. Each of these classes are centered and taught at levels at which each child can grow spiritually. Children learn to have their own personal relationship with Jesus. They are taught about baptism, the importance of the Holy Ghost, and why Jesus died for our sins. These are the basic principles in which the biblical foundation is laid. 

There is also an adult Sunday school that is facilitated by a group of dedicated teachers. We have great topics of discussion. The goal is to equip class members with the Word of God so that they may be able to grow spiritually as Christians in this world in which we live. 


If you can not make it to Sunday school, you can tune in to the radio broadcast at 1450am or at, Sunday mornings at 10am.