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Church Opportunities and Ministries 


Our ministries provide support for all areas of your life. Teens, single parents, married couples, you name it, we got it covered. There is something for everyone at Christ Temple. When you're here, you are FAMILY! We care and are dedicated to helping you become the person God wants you to be. Each ministry is designed with YOU in mind! 


Christ Temple is dedicated to your continued success in the Word of God. Growth is an inevitable and important process in what we do. We teach you God's principles concerning your life to help you become better spiritually, emotionally and financially. Pastor Walton has classes on a weekly basis to help with any issue you may have that are keeping you in bondage. Talk about dedication, this man is definitely dedicated to saving souls through showing the love of Jesus! 

Godly Lifestyle.

All of our ministies not only help you grow in every area of your life, but they teach you how to help someone else. Biblical instructions are given to help us live a more abundant and purpose driven life
. Do people you work with know your a Christian? Are you producing good fruit? Christ Temple's ministries aim to produce wholesome Christians that LIVE Christ-like! Our lifestyle speaks for itself and is one of our greatest WITNESSES!